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Africa / Sudan
Provincias/ Estados en Sudan
Sudan (Arabic: السودان Al-Sudan) is the largest country in Africa, bordering Egypt, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya and Uganda. Getting a visa for Sudan is an expensive hit-and-miss affair, but if you do manage to get in, and you stick to the safe areas, you will probably have a fantastic experience. The Sudanese people are very hospitable, and you can visit some awesome tourist attractions without even seeing another tourist.
WARNING: Travel in Sudan outside Khartoum and its suburb Omdurman is considered dangerous. Two borderline civil wars continue to see violence, in Southern Sudan and particularly in Darfur, while extremist groups target foreign visitors for attacks and kidnapping, particularly in the Upper Nile regions targetting foreigners related to the oil industry.

Jartum (estado)
Isla Tuti

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