Sirte aerial imagery Sirte District Libya
Africa / Libya / Sirte District
Coord: 31.203919,16.580429
Sirte , also spelled Sirt, Surt, Sert or Syrte, is Read More 
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Libya: Islamic State group cornered in one last district of Sirte
Libyan forces in final push to oust ISIL from Sirte
Libyan forces take back Sirte
Libya Air Force Mirage F1 targets CIA-backed ISIS positions in Sirte
Libya combat action footage: Fighting ISIS in Sirte
Libyan forces attack 'last ISIL positions' in Sirte
Sirte (Libia) Reportage di Amedeo Ricucci tra le milizie di Misurata che combattono l'ISIS
Government forces close to recapturing Libyan IS group stronghold of Sirte
Libyan tanks clash with Islamic State in Sirte
Libyan forces close in on final IS patch in Sirte
Isis fighting for Sirte
Libya: Sirte residents return home after ISIL is pushed out
The Newsmakers: Battle for Sirte
Libyan forces push into last IS-held areas of Sirte
Sirte Toyota
ISIS leaves traps hidden upon removal from Sirte, Libya - RT correspondent on site
Libya: Pro-GNA forces push forward to oust IS militants in Sirte
Exclusive: Libyan fighters struggle to uproot Daesh from Sirte
The Newsmakers: Battle for Sirte and Gaza blockade
Fierce fighting in battle for Sirte
Libya: Haftar-loyal army units prepare for battle near IS-held Sirte
Libya - Forces attack final IS stronghold in Sirte | Editor's Pick | 23 Nov 16
Libia, unità militari del governo Sarraj riconquistano Sirte
Libya Sirte was a beautiful city Ливия Сирт был красивый город

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